Content-ed? To blog or not to blog…

Thankfully, us Strawberries have been really busy of late, but unfortunately this has had a negative impact on our blogging, social media posts, etc. In fact, I nearly fell off my chair, when I realised how long ago it had been since our last activity! Well, this started me thinking – as well as providing me with material for a new post ? – about our obsession with analytics and hunger for increased engagement.

Firstly, there’s no doubt at all that increased engagement is key to business development/promotion. And, furthermore, it is also potentially a great opportunity for smaller businesses to compete on an almost level playing field against much larger opponents/competitors. However, despite this being more of a 21st century marketing development, there’s no getting away from the age old quality over quantity argument!

I think you can tell from our ‘Latest News’ page and social media feeds that we’re definitely not on the quantity side of the fence! However, although there’s no doubting we definitely need to up our ‘posting’ game, we also don’t want to just put out a constant stream of drivel either. As an agency, it’s relatively easy to increase feeds to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin; all we need to do is just link in our job adverts, but we have always fought against doing this – mainly, because of our belief that this type of activity, rather than switching people on, actually ends up switching people off. The odd vacancy advert in someone’s feed is OK, but if you are doing this on a regular basis then it’s a million miles away from ‘engagement’ and actually nothing more than spamming.

Content is king.

Correction: QUALITY content is king!

Now, I am no way claiming that our content is/will ever be Booker Prize winning prose – far from it – but we will endeavour to actually put some effort into it. And, hand over heart, what we won’t be doing is indulging in any of the following (some of my own personal pet hates):

Recycling/plagiarising old content: The Fredo/wages inflation argument has been done to death! Please STOP posting about it!

Giving away prizes if people like/share your posts: Just an exercise to get increased profile views, connections, marketing data, etc. Does anyone ever really win these prizes?!

Posting about false experiences: You know the type of post – “Hey, guess what just happened to me….” quickly followed by – “Please let me know if this has ever happened to you?” – or “what are your thoughts?”. These posts are complete garbage – and, once again, posted for the same reason as above.

I can give many more examples!

The problem here is that, despite my criticisms, the above types of activity definitely ramp up the engagement/activity stats – and, after all, it is those impressions we definitely seek. However, we will do our best to stick to fresh content and hopefully will be rewarded and the increased engagement stats will follow. And, if not – well, did you know the cost of a Fredo in……

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