Lies, damned lies and statistics!

Lies, damned lies and statistics!

A very interesting stat for you from our Education/Training division!

For the month of April, out of all the numerous job boards/portals we used (both education sector and mainstream), the Strawberry website ranked in at 3rd place (just pipped to 2nd place) for total advert responses!

This is made even more amazing considering that in 1st and 2nd place spots are two extremely humongous mainstream boards! Therefore, the Strawberry website was top out of all the Education sector boards we use!

Plus, this also does not include all the non-advert responses – ie direct candidate registrations!

I know there’s lies, damned lies and statistics – but still, we are all very chuffed!

So, in conclusion, if you have a FE/Apprenticeship Training vacancy to register, it almost goes without saying:


PS. And, furthermore, due to being a sector specialist site, this means that the suitability of our responses is greater, too! Therefore, we are the champions, after all!!!!

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